Carrier Hotel

Carrier Hotel

No doubt about it – the Internet rules.

The Internet has dramatically changed the way of doing business. In particular, the transmission of data to any part of the world must be fast, secure and efficient as businesses no longer accept limited Internet access. It is by accessing a wide choice of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) they determine and specify the option best suited to their requirements.

Carrier Hotels make this possible.

There are many ISPs providing Internet connectivity within their own area of operation. To facilitate transport of data world-wide, services must be connected in some way to other ISPs. A Carrier Hotel is built to allow ISPs to create a Point of Presence with other ISPs. This then enables clients to store their data in the same location and cross-connect to their ISP of choice. Additionally, each ISP can cross-connect to other ISPs.

DataHive, located in downtown Calgary, Alberta, is THE go-to Carrier Hotel in Western Canada, housing over thirty ISPs, each one serves their specific regions with networks, cables and servers providing their clients with world-wide connectivity.

It seems like the process should be pretty straight forward, but it is not. The phrase ‘World Wide Web’ is exactly that – – billions of strands of copper and fiber strung every which-way like a web on rooftops, on land, through oceans and wirelessly through the air in an effort to move information from one place to another.

It is a Carrier Hotel that facilitates this transit.

For example, a local network with a presence in DataHive’s Carrier Hotel can immediately cross-connect to any of over thirty ISPs also located in DataHive to our 6000 POPs worldwide. In this way the connection can happen instantly without onerous peering agreements.

DataHive tenaciously oversees a high level of security and stability to ensure clients always have the transmission of data available at any time.