Cloud Technology

Cloud Technology

The concept of a private cloud application is amazingly straightforward for the client. DataHive makes the underlying technology and implementation using cloud technology very user-friendly.

Cloud technology enables Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) without the purchase of hardware, and software including maintenance and training costs. The technology got its start on mainframes decades ago, allowing administrators to avoid wasting expensive processing power and costly servers. This means no capital outlay for hardware, less electricity used, and greater security.

In the graphic below, this concept is described. DataHive provides hard drives, RAM (memory), CPU, and the operating system as you required. This platform gives the internal privacy needed to run private applications securely.

Increasing the amount of physical resources is simply a matter of requesting what is needed. It is no longer necessary to open the server up, replace a hard drive or plug in more RAM/memory.

Private cloud technology maximizes the use of the space and electricity. By maximizing the use of the physical server, the associated costs are minimized. Private cloud is a great option for any business, large or small. It’s cost-effective, reliable, ultra-secure and extremely flexible. The best part is, clients’ data is safely located at DataHive.