Our Warranty for Your Business

Our Warranty for Your Business

DataHive’s Obligation:

DataHive’s Colocation Service provides clients with an uncompromised level of security and availability of their data and still have the freedom to focus on their wide variety of core initiatives and responsibilities. DataHive endeavors to have a working relationship with clients and to this end offers assurance of the best possible personalized service to ensure all requirements are met and supported.

Uptime is the number one requirement of all businesses and to facilitate a 100% uptime goal DataHive provides all clients with three BGP failover providers.

In addition, DataHive is carrier neutral, hosting more than 30 ISPs. Additionally, clients have the advantage of contracting directly with these providers for worldwide transit at a fraction of current costs with other providers.

In 2013, Calgary business community faced a 1-in-100-year flood that affected almost every business in the city. To our knowledge DataHive was the only data centre that was able to deliver its well-known, reliable and individual customer service 100% of the time, with no danger of flooding.

This excellent service was demonstrated again when the Enmax manhole explosion devastated business operations to the point that downtown Calgary was blacked out for five days. During that time, DataHive again was fully operational with all clients up and running without one moment of downtime.

How was DataHive able to do this when others were not? We attribute this success to four key elements: a powerful UPS; a 72-hour generator; a backup generator; and state-of-the-art redundant air conditioning.

While it is not always possible to control all environmental and unpredictable occurrences, DataHive’s maintenance standards and monitoring schedules represents a source of reliability in giving our client’s performance they need for their clients. DataHive maximizes its overall effectiveness by involving the full staff team at all levels and functions to focus one insuring efficient, preventative maintenance, all contributing to ongoing reliability.