Virtualization Services

Virtualized (Private Cloud) Services

Boost Online Presence with DataHive’s Virtualization Service

DataHive’s virtualized services enable clients to realize the full potential of operating their own server without the expense of purchasing and maintaining the hardware and software. Using fully licensed Proxmox and VMWare services, this business solution is particularly ideal when clients don’t have the time, desire or resources to purchase and maintain a server.

By choosing to utilize the power of DataHive’s virtualized services, expert support staff will configure servers to specific client needs, including operating system installation. All virtual servers are Windows or Linux based (dependent on choice). DataHive will spec out size as required and configure the processing power needed.

Virtual server(s) will be housed in DataHive’s state-of-the-art N+1 data centre in Calgary. It will be connected to the Internet via redundant ethernet uplinks direct to multiple ISPs. DataHive’s primary ISP providers are Shaw, Zayo and Hurricane Electric.

DataHive’s Managed Virtualized Servers provide 300Mbps connections. Bandwidth is charged by the industry standard ASU (Average Sustained Utilization) method. Clients can contract for unlimited bandwidth or use bandwidth throttling by request.

DataHive employs a redundant power system, climate control, fire suppression and 24 x 7 video monitoring. Access to the facility is protected by man-trap doors and state-of-the-art biometrics, as well as digitally encrypted keys for rack access.

DataHive offers clients access to its unique performance monitoring system enabling minute by minute monitoring of server activity and bandwidth usage. This useful tool helps the client to budget intelligently for upgrades and uncover any potential system problems.

All services include 24 x 7 technical support. Clients will be provided with phone numbers, email addresses and instant messenger information to contact support staff directly, and are welcome to contact DataHive day or night, 7 days a week.

Interested clients are welcome to contact DataHive at 403-313-1106 or toll free 877-328-2448 to arrange a tour.