Pretty much every day business is faced with one challenge or another. In Alberta we are getting our share to the point of wondering what will happen next. It looks like the next thing is the COVID-19 a global pandemic.

This Newsletter is especially for DataHive clients concerned about with the intense warnings about the pandemic and actions such as shutdowns, closure of public buildings, forced home isolation, etc. It is important to be proactive to insure as little impact on business as possible.

You are assured your clients’ are in the right place at DataHive. The following are concerns they may want addressed:

  • Loss of sufficient capacity to live up to your SLA
    NNI and dark fibre connection have the capacity you need to give your employees an express lane alternative to the soon to be congested shared internet connections o You can also use these to tap into Calgary’s global internet connectivity available only through DataHive
  • How to quickly reorganize systems for a Work from Home environment
    If moving physical servers is not feasible, we can spin up virtual instances of your infrastructure. • How to shift workloads from LAN to WAN o With workloads shifting from local area networks located within office buildings to WAN connections from employee homes, VPNs provide the best combination of security with functionality. We have the experts to assist. Click here.
  • Where do I find an alternate location for my cloud On-Ramp service?
    Are you worried about running out of bandwidth? Or worried about overages due to increased traffic? DataHive has direct cross connect to global and regional ISPs
  • Where do I find an alternate location for cloud on-ramp?
    If you are reorganizing your hybrid cloud strategy, DataHive has Zayo and Megaport cloud on-ramps in house • How to ensure 24/7 access to my servers if my building is quarantined? o You and your clients may be looking for a place that will remain on and running through any quarantine. DataHive has many options ranging from 1U and Quarter Racks to Full Racks and even private room.
  • Ensure security from vulnerabilities resulting from emergency measures
    It’s sad to say this, but times of turmoil are ripe opportunity for cyber criminals. With re-organization, temporary measures and workarounds, there is higher risk than ever that a new gap has been opened up in your otherwise solid security. DataHive provides services such as vulnerability scanning and vulnerability assessments to help identify any gaps in your defenses before the criminal hackers take advantage of them.
  • How to handle unexpected sickness or staff movement restrictions?
    With being short staffed, you may just need an extra hand. DataHive has experienced staff that can do just that. Anything from remote hands and eyes to full deployments without ever having to travel. At DataHive, some international clients have never had to send their IT staff for a visit, because we take care of it all for them.
  • Some of my equipment is at risk at its current location
    Many clients rely on DataHive as their disaster recovery location.

Please consider the affect these issues will be for your company and clients. DataHive has experienced a number of threats and interruptions in the past, including the flood and Enmax fire. Each time we persevered and made sure our clients’ data was safe and sound 100% of the time.

We invite you to discuss call us to discuss how you as a DataHive client and how that transposes to quality service to your client