N+1 data centre located in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Data Centre Infrastructure


Located in downtown Calgary on 7th Avenue SW, our secure building has 7/24/365 access via the +15 and street level. Our advantageous location was not affected at all by the floods of 2013. DataHive’s data centre is rated N+1 and employs a redundant power system (including a UPS Bypass switch), a generator, climate control, fire suppression and 24×7 video monitoring. Access to the facility is protected by mantrap doors and biometrics, as well as digitally encrypted keys for rack access. Clients have full-time, online viewing of their bandwidth usage. The 23rd floor rooftop is an ideal location for wireless operators looking to tap into the resources available at DataHive.

Physical Security

The data centre is physically isolated from everyone but DataHive’s technicians. Public access is strictly forbidden because the data centre is not open to the public. You can rest assured that only a handful of highly trained DataHive technicians will be allowed within close physical proximity to your server. Customer access to the data centre floor is restricted to those holding pass cards. Furthermore, access to the data centre is restricted by biometric scanners. The data centre is under 24/7 video surveillance internally and externally and the whole facility is monitored by building management for external physical breaches. Sophisticated video management equipment provides seamless live and recorded views of the data centre from any moment in time.

Uninterrupted Conditioned Power

Power systems in DataHive’s data centre are designed to run uninterrupted even in the unlikely event of a total power outage. All servers are fed with two conditioned UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) power that will continue to run should utility power fails. The UPS power subsystem is N+1 redundant with instantaneous fail over in the case of primary power interruption. A bypass system is in place to take over in the event of scheduled maintenance of the UPS.

Backup Power

In the event of an extended power outage such as building maintenance, DataHive’s diesel generator can run indefinitely. There is 72 hours’ worth of fuel on site. The generator is regularly tested and conditioned to ensure that it will continue to function in the event of an emergency. When the power is restored, the generator continues to operate until the main power has been stabilized. DataHive offers clients both “A” and “B” power.


DataHive further safeguards power requirements with the support of Powerware Bypass. This device enables power transfer during maintenance of either UPS.

Precision Environment

DataHive’s data centre is meticulously tidy. All air is circulated and filtered every 45 seconds to remove dust and contamination. Liebert environmental control systems ensure the data centre is kept at a constant temperature. The data centre’s Liebert HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning) system is N+1 redundant to ensure that even in the event of an entire HVAC system failure, there is a backup system on standby to take over. These systems regulate both room temperature and humidity to ensure a cool, static-free environment. We maintain 20 degrees Celsius with 50% humidity all year round.

Fire Detection & Suppression

An advanced fire suppression system is in place to prevent any fire from spreading, in the unlikely event that one could start. The temperature, humidity and air flow in the data centre are under constant monitoring. Improved manufacture of present-day servers has all but eliminated any incident of this kind.


DataHive uses industry-standard SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and provides round-the-clock monitoring of all hardware, including routers, switches, UPS systems, and servers. DataHIve maintains power, environmental factors (such as temperature, humidity), generator status, and network connectivity. All critical services/ports are monitored, including FTP, HTTP, SMTP, HTTPS, SSH and POP3.


DataHive utilizes connections to multiple backbones to ensure that data reaches the end user in the fastest, most efficient manner possible. The connecting trunks are a combination of Fiber Optic, Copper and Laser line of sight connection. These services are a mixture of Layer 1 to Layer 3.

BGP4 Network Diversity Routing

Border Gateway Protocol is the inter domain routing protocol designed for the global Internet. DataHive runs the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP4) for best case routing. The BGP4 protocol is a standard that allows for the routing of packets of information sent out from the DataHive network. Each packet of information is evaluated and sent over the best route possible. Because of our redundant network architecture, packets may be sent via alternative routes even if they are being delivered to the same end user. Should one of our providers fail, packets leaving our network are automatically redirected though another route via a different provider.

Networks and Bandwidth

DataHive’s BGP network runs at 300 Mbps connected to the Internet through multiple redundant high speed fibre and copper networks. Allstream, Shaw and Hurricane Electric provide our primary Internet connectivity, however DataHive is a network-neutral facility that provides our clients the advantage of choosing from a number of additional Tier-1 Internet Backbone carriers such as Telus, Rogers, Allstream, Terrago and Bell. Supernet, YYCIX, ABIX, and City of Calgary dark fibre are also available. Our clients are guaranteed plenty of excess Internet capacity, so they never have to be concerned about their bandwidth requirements. We guarantee a maximum average utilization of 70%. This means our metric for Internet line upgrades is to have 30% excess capacity during peak load times, regardless of how many high-speed lines we already have. DataHive addresses this as a core business policy.

Guaranteed Packet Delivery

DataHive pays our transit IP providers to make sure that packets of information are delivered to the end users. This offers significant advantages over simply peering with the major backbone. Peering agreements rarely include Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) so no one is accountable for lost packets at congested exchange points. Because DataHive actually has SLA’s with all our transit IP providers we are able to guarantee that all packets will leave our network at full speed.

Network Providers

DataHive works closely with leading telecommunications companies to build and maintain our world-class network. By monitoring our network and carrier connections we can see trends developing ahead of time and take steps to keep in sync with demand. Such recent trends include the need for customers to have disaster recovery implementation, offsite backups and the increasing need for security. Keeping up with global trends puts our customers ahead of the rest.


DataHive is a carrier neutral facility; this allows our customers to choose the circuit provider that they feel best suits their connectivity requirements. Customers who have existing relationships with specific carriers can transport their services into DataHive’s secure data centre facilities and utilize all the services and features DataHive provides. A complete network move into DataHive facilities is seamless, and an easy reality for network administrators everywhere. Our customers deserve choices for bandwidth and the option for problem free network mobility space. For those clients who do not have a preference, our primary circuit provider is Shaw and two support BGP failsafe providers are Allstream and Hurricane Electric.


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