Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backing up your data and having an up-to-date disaster recovery plan in place is vital to the safety and security of your business. But, it’s just as important to know the difference between the two, and how each service is best used. Your business should have multiple layers of protection to prevent it from a ransomware attack.

Plus, our Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) can look for vulnerabilities in your business data protection, and share the results with you. This offers you the advantage of knowing where your data is exposed, so you can close those vulnerable loops before a hacker gets in.

backup is the last and most important layer. When you backup your data, it means you are storing a copy of files in a separate location in case they get lost, stolen, destroyed or encrypted with ransomware. If that happens, they can then be restored. This is the best solution for data that doesn’t require immediate access.

disaster recovery (DR) plan ensures that you can count on those backups to be useful, no matter the situation. Imagine your business files were successfully backed up. But, the technology used to back up those files requires three days to fully restore. A DR plan maps out various disaster scenarios, types of business data, along with technology limitations, to ensure the most important business data is available with minimal delay. This is the best solution for data requiring immediate working access.

Since no two businesses are alike, A DR plan is client-tailored for your business. At DataHive, our IT security experts can create a disaster recovery plan for your business, including backup solutions that match your needs. Your plan should be regularly updated as your business changes.

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Protection from Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software with one goal; to extort money from businesses. Click below to learn more about how you can protect your business from ransomware, and how the IT experts at DataHive can help.

Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR)