A couple of weeks ago, we received a request for a copy of DataHive’s Security Strategy. This is an understandable request – – as the theft of information becomes more insidious every day, assurance of data security becomes ever more a priority.

We constantly read or hear of the latest illegal entrapment of individuals or business through theft of data, often holding the victim to ransom. Even during very difficult and vulnerable times, such as a world-wide pandemic, thieves seek more and more sophisticated methods to endanger livelihoods.

Businesses need to know they can offer their customers a high level of security. As a client, you know DataHive’s niche in the industry is our long history of maintaining a high level of security. We do not employ sales people, we have no advertising budget, our web site is low key but our service and security is amazing. As result, word-of-mouth is our key to success.

As billions of sensitive pieces of information move around the world on copper and fibre to be stored in millions of servers, at the same time thieves continually seek the most vulnerable and easy-toaccess target. Because DataHive’s business is the safe transport and secure storage of data, you have confidence that DataHive has your back.

Of course, we could not give that caller all the details regarding DataHive’s internal security. We can, however, remind clients that their experience at DataHive has never been compromised.

While DataHive does provide the underlying security, ultimately each client is responsible to insure their own equipment, programs, software, code, etc. is hardened. Please go to our website where you will be able to identify how your service ranks in the five levels of security compliance.

Should you wish to discuss your security strategy in more detail, we encourage you to call our security expert, Tomas, at 403-313-1106, or drop him a line to Tomas.Florian@DataHive.ca.

Alternatively, as President, I will be more than happy to chat with you regarding any issues or concerns relating to DataHive’s services. My email is Marjorie.Zingle@DataHive.ca.

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