The Internet is growing faster than the population and it follows – there is more business for you.

In April, 2020, the world population was 7,791,251,264* and the world Internet usage count was 4,574,000.000** users, or 57.8% of the world population.

Calgary’s Internet Exchange (YYCIX) has recorded an increase of at least 60% since February and DataHive’s own network has reached its highest recorded usage the first week of April.

In our newsletter of March 13, 2020, DataHive presented a full range of solutions for fulfilling remote or ‘work from home’ Internet support. This remote way of doing business has been available for some time, especially internationally. However, the experience of COVID-19 demonstrated the importance and value of efficient remote communications anywhere, anytime, internationally or locally.

The business development options discussed in the March Newsletter are worth considering. As a DataHive client you have access to any of these services and immediate opportunity to expand and promote your portfolio to a growing range of potential clients. These are organizations who, during COVID-19, learned the importance of secure, private, fast and efficient communication.

You are well positioned to take a good look at this opportunity. As a DataHive client you already have access to the largest number of Internet Service Providers in Western Canada ( Today you are in a position to offer your clients access to some thirty ISP providers, locally, nationally and internationally. This gives you the opportunity to expand your market reach, especially those situations where security and speed is of prime importance.

There are a number of reasons why your clients will be interested in this service. For example:

  • Never experience an Internet slowdown or denial of service
  • Bandwidth never over-subscribed
  • Dedicated secure line – Skype and Zoom are not secure
  • Eliminate repetitive staff efforts for greater efficiency
  • No more waiting for a turn on the computer
  • Always maintain Internet speed
  • No corporate data residing on employee home computers

All indications are that the phenomenal increase in Internet usage will continue. This valuable information is not some idea for future consideration – it is something that is happening right now. Because you are a DataHive client, you are in a position to offer the service to your clients.

We have expert consultants you can call on at DataHive to discuss further, 403-313-1106. As they say: ‘Success is working smarter, not harder’. Success is always creating value and usefulness for your customers so they can go on to more useful and productive initiatives.